GL-1700D-420 / GL-1900D-420


GL-1700D-420 / GL-1900D-420

Machine Parameters

Model GL-1700D-420 GL-1900D-420
Power Configuration Three-phase four-wire (Minimum 120Amp)
380V ~ 415V / 50Hz
Heating Oil Heating
Voltage 26KW 28KW
Drum Diameter 420mm
Printing Width 1650mm 1800mm
Worktable 2.5m or 3.5m
Speed 120-200M/H
Production The above production is based on 100g paper, 100-200g cloth, the actual temperature of the drum surface is 200 degrees, the presing time is 20-25s. So if you use the lighter paper or cloth, the speed will faster.
Machine Size 2700mm (length) * 1200mm (width) * 1750mm (height)
2900mm (length) * 1200mm (width) * 1750mm (height)
Net Weight 1700KG 1900KG

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