Hybrid Print DTF Film BY ROLL


Hybrid Print DTF Film BY ROLL


Hybrid Print DTF WORLDWIDE: Hybrid Print DTF can be heat pressed onto fabrics either natural or synthetic such as cotton, polyester, rayon, lycra,nylon elastane, microfibre, PVC, paper and others

EMAIL: info.hyrbidprint@gmail.com

CONTACT: +6017 956 3577

Transparent or translucent gradient IS NOT recommended, it will lose it ''blending'' effect where transparency of 30-40% will start to break and create jaggy edges in your artwork

Image Size
Max print area is 287 x 420 mm OR 11.3 x 16.5 inch. Any design that is out of this area will be cropped/trimmed.

Edge Quality
Check your artwork edge quality and make sure they are sharp enough and does NOT contain ''dirty'' colors resulted from badly removed background process

Make sure you own the copyrights to print

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